This includes direct, algorithmic and electronic trading in listed and over the counter securities, up-to-the-minute market information, instantaneous order execution, and correspondent clearing services. This website principally addresses the Brokerage Division.

This Is Our Story.

Quay Financials (Gibraltar) Limited was formerly Van der Moolen (Gibraltar) Limited (which was part of the Van der Moolen Group whose ultimate parent company was Van der Moolen Holdings NV, a company quoted on Euronext (Amsterdam). The Gibraltar subsidiary was the subject of a Management Buy-Out in June 2008. Quay Financials (Gibraltar) Limited is now wholly owned by a Gibraltarian holding company.



Gibraltar is the only British international financial centre on the European mainland.

Gibraltar has an English common law framework, a highly educated workforce, and UK-trained professionals.

GibraItar is renowned as one of the best-regulated finance centres in the world and has provided cross-border financial services for over 30 years. It is the only location that offers a favourable fiscal environment for companies and individuals. Gibraltar is a self-governing, individual and distinct jurisdiction working to Central European time zone.

Some key facts and tax benefits are:
– no value added tax
– no wealth tax
– no capital gains tax
– no inheritance tax
– no stamp duty on transfer of shares
– no exchange controls
– entered and exited the EU together with the United Kingdom
– high-quality infrastructure
– welcomed clampdown by FATF (Financial Action Task force) on money laundering
– regulatory standards matching those of the UK but with the flexible characteristics of a small jurisdiction

In 1997 the Government of Gibraltar established a Finance Centre office in order to provide a further boost to financial services, an important sector of the Gibraltar economy. The Finance Centre collaborates with public sector bodies, regulator and business/industry associations, is responsible for the marketing and promotion of financial services, offers new businesses a comprehensive and informative service centre and provides input into strategic planning including the various international initiatives and product development.

A Deposit Guarantee Scheme came into effect in 1999

During Gibraltar’s membership of the European Union, Gibraltar implemented all relevant EU directives. Concurrently with the exit from the EU, Gibraltar has implemented the Financial Services Act 2019 and the Financial Services (Investment Services) Regulations 2020.

The Financial Services Commission ( was established in 1989 as an independent statutory body, provides strong investor protection in relation to banking, insurance, fund management, financial services and matches UK standards in regulation and supervision.

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