Futures and Options

Futures & Options

Quay Financials provides you with a personalised global stock broking service that uses the clearing and custodian facilities of industry leaders.

We offer execution only and advisory brokering services.

The more experienced client, whether investor or trader, requires a comprehensive and efficient service that ensures trades are executed and settled in the most efficient manner possible.

Other individuals and professional intermediaries require a basic service where they can give simple instructions to purchase or sell securities.

To satisfy the needs of both categories of investor we offer a swift and accurate Execution Only dealing service where we aim to obtain best market prices for clients.

We will:

  • Take and execute all orders promptly and accurately
  • Report back promptly and accurately on all share prices obtained
  • If required, inform you of news and prices on particular stocks
  • Obtain market information for you on request
  • If instructed, fill limit orders and initiate stop loss orders on a ‘best endeavors’ basis and subject to appropriate documentation
  • Maintain and report account balances, margins requirements and other details
    Option to give orders over the phone or utilize our state of the art electronic trading platform

Clients can be assured that they will be dealing with experienced professional investment advisors who understand the investment instruments they are trading and the need for efficient execution and settlement of trades.

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